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10 Ways to Bring Good Luck Into Your Home

With St. Patrick’s Day upon us, are you thinking about how you can bring a little extra luck into your life? Check out these 10 things rumored to bring good fortune to your home:

  1. Painted front door – The front door is considered the mouth of universal energy in feng shui and is believed to determine the energy in your home. While feng shui has many beliefs about the entryway to your home, one of the most common practices is painting your door based on the direction it faces.

  2. Fruit – Have you ever wondered why so many people have a bowl of lemons in their home? A bowl of citrus fruit is said to attract prosperity and positive energy into your home.

  3. Elephants – Try bringing elephants into your décor. Whether it’s a figurine, pillow, painting, or something in between, elephants might just bring you some positive energy and good fortune.

  4. Crickets – Ever had a pesky cricket keeping you up at night? That might be a better omen than you think. Finding a cricket in your home is believed to be a sign of good luck to come.

  5. Horseshoes – Some say that horseshoes bring good fortune to your home. Beliefs on placement vary as some say an upward pointing horseshoe will make sure your luck doesn’t run out while others believe a downward turned horseshoe will make fortune fall on those who walk through it. Either way, a horseshoe might be just what you’re looking for.

  6. Fish – It is said that fish symbolize prosperity and abundance. Bringing a goldfish into your house or building a koi pond might just be your ticket to good luck.

  7. Fresh Flowers – Fresh flowers don’t just look pretty or make a room smell nice. They bring in positivity and brightness, especially those without thorns.

  8. Incense – Let’s be honest, when your home smells good it automatically lifts the mood in your space. Incense don’t just smell nice though. Some folks believe that incense brings in harmony and luck.

  9. Bamboo – Houseplants are definitely on trend these days. As you consider what plants you’ll bring into your home, think about bamboo! Many believe that bamboo is a good luck charm that can bring peace, productivity, and positivity wherever it is placed.

  10. Furniture Arrangement – Whether you believe any of the above is superstition or not, there’s no denying that rearranging your furniture can change the energy of a room. Try feng shui next time you arrange your furniture, it might just bring you good luck!

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