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3 Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Special School Year

There are a ton of blogs out there with advice on how to make your home more productive for the school year. By now, you probably know all the hacks for creating the perfect snack station, homework hub, and more. Amidst the chaos of a new school year, we can forget how special coming home should feel. Make this school year feel a little more special with these 3 easy ideas for your home.

1. Commemorate your artist – Every piece of art your child makes is a masterpiece, but after a while you start to run out of room to display them on the fridge and they end up in a lost in a pile. Try out a frame like this one at the Container Store. It makes it easy to swap out the art and will ensure you have the most well decorated home on the block.
Bonus tip: You can take this idea to the next level. Snap a quick pic of each piece of art your child brings home. At the end of each school year, upload the photos and have a photo book printed to document their progress or send their art off to a service like Artkive!

2. Make space for some R&R – After a long day, you just want some time to decompress, right? There’s a good chance that your kids are feeling the same, especially during the start of a school year. Find a spot in your home to dedicate to decompression time. Everyone needs something different but consider a quiet space where they can have some solo time. Calming lights, music, books, coloring books, journals, and more could be just what the whole family needs.

3. Remind your children that they are more than just their grades this year – Instead of only showing off those A+ papers, applaud the actions that show your child is also an A+ person. Affirmations around your home are a great way to remind your kids that who they are matters more than what they accomplish. Try this out with a whiteboard, sticky notes, or a letterboard! Take it up a notch by taking the time to celebrate and reward them for being a great person, not just a great student.

How are you making your home special this school year? Snap a photo and share it with us on social media!