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Reaching Homeownership in Unprecedented Times

As we are writing this blog in June of 2022, like many of the issues we are currently faced with, the condition of today’s housing market can be described as “unprecedented”. For many potential homebuyers, the dream of homeownership seems further away than ever with inventory at an all-time low and prices at an all-time high. With all of this considered, what can you do now to prepare for investing in a home down the road?

Typically, during National Homeownership Month, June, we’d take a different approach to things but it’s important to us that we share the information you need, bring you a sense of comfort, and prepare you for what’s next in the housing market. Even if homeownership is a dream far down the line for you, we want to take this month to share information and resources you need to own a home when you are ready. Most importantly, we want to make homeownership accessible, which for many, doesn’t even seem like a possibility right now.

One of the most helpful steps that you can take toward homeownership, even if buying a home isn’t something that you are planning on doing immediately, is to establish a relationship with a qualified Loan Officer (LO). It may seem a little too premature but hear us out – doing so can have major benefits while you’re navigating the lending process. 

Here’s how an LO can help you prepare:

  • by creating a personalized game plan for your goals.
    • A great Loan Officer will offer you personalized service by becoming familiar with your financial and personal goals. They can offer you guidance on how to become better-prepared financially and with your lifestyle before making your big investment into a home. Additionally, they can guide you on ways to improve your credit score, give suggestions on how to budget, let you know how much you’d need to save, and more!
  • by personalizing your loan.
    • When thinking of home loan products, consumers often think of them in black and white… but there’s gray space to consider. We’re talking about niche loan products, product stacking, grant and down payment assistance programs, special offers, and more! There’s so much to consider and your Loan Officer can help personally craft a loan option that is perfect for you and your circumstances. You can see some of our products here, and you can chat with a qualified Loan Officer about them  and our other offers by using our Find a Loan Officer tool.
  • by providing you with sound and expert advice.
  • by becoming your lifetime lender.
    • Okay, maybe we’re getting ahead of ourselves now but the average person buys 3 homes in their lifetime. We believe in getting those mortgage options right for you each and every time rather than waiting for the third time to be a charm. Whether you’re looking to become a first time homebuyer or ready to buy another home, our Loan Officers work diligently to become your lifetime lender. Long after closing we’re here – whether it be for questions about loans, to refinance, make a future purchase, or just to catch up and chat.

So, are you ready to celebrate National Homeownership Month? Establish a relationship with one of our qualified Loan Officers today by clicking here!