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No Longer Working from Home? Ways to Revamp your WFH Space.

If you’re no longer working from home, you may be thinking of ways to revamp your WFH space. Here are some of our top suggestions to give your space new life!

In small areas of a room that already has a purpose, you could:

Add some greenery – brighten your space and freshen the air with some plants
Spoil your pets – give your pet a little extra dedicated play space and add some enrichment toys
Dedicate space to your health – no room for a home gym? Use your limited space for some weights and a workout mat for at-home exercise
Get organized – your extra space can be the organized area of your dreams. Ditch the clutter in your house and add some storage space to clean up

And in a bigger space?

Get your sweat on – make your own home gym
Be entertained – transform your space into a game room and/or a home theater
Explore your hobbies – have you picked up a recent hobby, like sewing or crafting? Stretch your creativity and dedicate a space for your interest
Have some fun – if you have children, create a dedicated playroom for them
Be the host with the most – make a spare room for guests
Create your perfect getaway – give yourself a place to decompress. Whether you meditate, do yoga, or something else to relax – a dedicated space to relax might be just want you need
Lose yourself in a good book – have you ever dreamed of your own at-home library? Here’s your chance
Dress up – if your closet is bursting at the seams create your own dressing room. A spare room can become the closet of your dreams
Make some extra cash – rent out a room on a service like AirBnB

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